Windsor Village Association

WV-Tree-LogoThe Windsor Village Association (WVA) is a 501C4 organization devoted to connecting neighbors with neighbors, protecting our architectural treasures, and enhancing the quality of life in the area.

The WVA seeks to promote the following goals:

  1. Protect and enhance the quality of life of the area for all residents.
  2. Advocate historic preservation of the neighborhood.
  3. Support planning and zoning processes that maintain the low-density residential character of the neighborhood.
  4. Provide an exchange of information between the association and its members on the one hand, and government officials and relevant community services on the other.
  5. Establish and maintain relationships with neighboring associations.
  6. Encourage neighborhood beautification, tree planting, graffiti removal and neighborhood watch programs.


WVA Board of Directors

Barbara Pflaumer, President

Heather Brel, Vice President

Betty Fox, Treasurer

Ginger Tanner, Secretary

Anthony DiMaggio

Julie Kim

Susan Nickels



Friends of Harold A Henry Park
Julie Stromberg, Chair
Jeannine Balfour
Janvie Chase
Polly Chu
Diane Dicksteen
Charles Dougherty
Denne Frey
Julie Grist
Jeff Healy
Joe Hoffman
Philip Holahan
Kori Jones
John Kaliski
Laurie Kaufman
Olive Kearney
Hugh Wilton
Historic Committee
Allison Sapunor
Julie Grist
RJ Strotz
Holly Holyk

How to Contact Us

Mailing address:
Windsor Village Association
835 S Lucerne Blvd. #107
Los Angeles, CA 90005