Coyote Safety

Coyotes have been spotted in Windsor Village and there have been attacks on small dogs. BE VIGILANT!

Coyote Prevention

Coyotes who have adapted to urban and suburban environments may realize there are few real threats and may approach people or feel safe visiting yards even when people are present. Here are some basic but important steps everyone can take:

Remove potential safe havens:

  • Cut back overgrown brush, hedges, etc.
  • Seal openings to crawl spaces under buildings.
  • Remove outdoor dog houses.

Remove food sources:

  • Keep trash cans securely lidded.
  • Remove sources of pet food and water. If feeding pets outside is necessary, remove the bowl and any leftover food promptly.
  • Remove water bowls set outside for pets and make watering cans unavailable.
  • Do not leave pet or human food outdoors overnight.
  • Do not place food into open compost bins.

What should I do if a coyote approaches me? Wave your arms. Shout in a low, loud tone. Throw objects at the coyote while maintaining eye contact. Make yourself look as big as possible. If you are wearing a jacket , take it off and swing around over your head. If possible go towards active or populated areas but do not turn your back and run from the coyote as that could trigger a chase.

How can I keep my dog safe? Closely supervise your dog. Do not leave small dogs unattended in your yard. Walk your dog on a leash at all times and stay close to high pedestrian traffic areas. Try not to establish a regular routine and route to avoid setting up a pattern for the coyote to detect. Avoid dense brushy areas or paths near abandoned properties. If you notice a coyote when walking your dog, keep your dog as close to you as possible and move towards an  area with more activity.

Information Documents (PDF Downloads):


“Keep Me Wild”
Click to download PDF


Coyote Warning Poster and Info
Click to download PDF


Humane Society “Coyote Hazing Guidelines
Click to download PDF

Humane Society of the US: Coyote Hazing Guidelines:

LA Animal Services Coyote Information (PDF):

Additonal resources and info:

Wildlife Deterrent Item Checklist (PDF)