Reserve Animal Control Officers Needed

1854_LA_animal_logoAre you interested in trying something different? The RACO Program welcomes volunteers to become Reserve Animal Control Officers serving in the same capacity as our Animal Control Officers.

Download the RACO information flyer.

  • The program requires a commitment of 16 hours of volunteer service each month at any one of our six Animal Shelters for 3 months prior to the first class.
  • Applicants must be a minimum of 21 years of age, a high school graduate or equivalent, and must have a current driver’s license.
  • A background check, drug and alcohol screening will be performed as a part of the process.
  • Prospective candidates should also be prepared for a physical requirement check.
  • RACOs must be able to lift at least 70 pounds and sometimes in excess of 70 pounds.

If you are interested,Council District 4 is working with Council District 5 on this program, so please submit your application ( and resume to Joseph Galloway ( from District 5 (they would prefer both items be scanned and emailed rather than mailed so there’s no delay in response time). He will then share what he receives to Brenda Barnette, General Manager of Animal Services, and Dana Brown, Assistant General Manager of Animal Services.

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