Lucerne Condo Development

Lucerne Condo ConversionWindsor Village is in the process of engaging the owners/developers of a large condominium project on Lucerne Blvd. The developers are seeking to build a 5 story, 15 unit condo on the empty lot at 859 S. Lucerne, formerly occupied by a single family home. This building would be attached to, and also contain additional parking for the condo conversion requirements of 853 S. Lucerne (James Terrace) in a two-level subterranean garage.

According to the original proposal, the new building will be built to minimum setbacks, dwarfing the two-story home to its south and presenting the tallest fa├žade on the block to the street. It will also force removal of one of the oldest and tallest trees on the block located at the front of the lot.

Our goal is not to prevent the building of a condo on this property, but to guarantee that any new construction is compatible with both the adjacent buildings and the neighborhood as a whole in terms of scale, appearance and footprint on the property. Our first line of engagement is the Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) Board’s consultation and review of the project.

If you are directly affected by this proposed building, or live on Lucerne, or just don’t want to see more out-of-scale construction in our historic neighborhood, please visit this website for updates and how to get involved.

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